For food processing industry

1.Metal detector detects metal contaminants in food product of food processing.

2.Checkweigher checks the weight of packed food product online.

3.Weighing scale can be applied in seafood or fishery processing line.

For Pharmaceutical industry

Checkweigher checks the missing pills in phamarcy tablet and improve phamarcy quality.

For garment industry

Garment metal detector detects dangerous broken needles in garment which maybe harmful to our body.
1.What kinds of metals can your metal detector detect ?

Our metal detector can detect all kinds of metals like Ferrous, Copper, Aluminum,Stainless Steel,etc .

2.What is the function and application of your checkweigher ?

Our checkweigher is used for checking the weight of packed product on production line and it can improve the product quality by sorting out the good products and rejecting the bad products .

3.What kinds of industries may need your company machines ?

Our machines are widely used in products of bakery, snack, biscuits, grains, fruits&vegetables, fishery, poultry, meat, sauce, flour, nuts,personal care, plastic&rubber,etc.

4.What is your company and machine competitiveness when compared with your competitors?

Our company have been in this field for many years and we have R&D, production and sales department . We introduce advanced technology from Europe meanwhile our price system is highest cost performance compared with European and Japanese brands.

5.How is your company overseas market ?

Currently our overseas customers had covered the regions in ASEAN,South Asia, Middle east ,Europe, South America,North America, East Africa, etc. At the same time our market share in overseas are becoming bigger and our prestige is more acknowledged by our customers.