Company profile

ZEGOO operates from several locations in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Across these sites ZEGOO conducts ongoing research and development, specialised  manufacturing, sales and service support. Through a worldwide network of OEM and distributor partners, ZEGOO supplies and supports food processing and inspection equipment in over 30 other countries.Established in 1999 in Shanghai, for 21 years ZEGOO has been designing, manufacturing and supporting inspection equipment used to identify contaminants and product defects within the food, packaging and pharmaceutical industries, principally offering Metal Detectors, Checkweighers ,Sewing needle detectors, Weight sorting machines, ink printers.

ZEGOO’s reputation is based on consistent quality and advanced technology, the result of continuous and far-reaching research and development programmes.

Short lead times, modular design and excellent availability of spare parts, coupled with our passion for customer service, allows our customers to:

  Comply with, and exceed, product safety standards, weight legislation.
  Maximize production uptime.
  Be self-sufficient.
Lower lifetime costs.
Tailor made design and high integration availability.

Operating under the core philosophies of 80/20 business processes, customer-back innovation and a decentralized entrepreneurial culture. We ensure quality as first priority to our customers and therefore we gained a lot of praises from customers.

Some of our cooperated customers :