Garment,Apparel,Textile and Shoes industries

It is common knowledge that metal detectors are used for security purposes at airports, stations, shopping malls and more, however, they are also an indispensable part of the food, medical, mining as well as the apparel industries. These sectors use metal detectors to look for traces of metals in their products during quality checks.

Needle detection is also an integral part in the garment manufacturing companies that produce apparel for babies or kids. Additionally, the companies exporting apparel  have to be extremely careful as the country stresses on the importance of all imported apparel undergoing metal and needle detection procedures.

Challenges in this field

In the garment and apparel industry, metal detecting devices are utilised to detect needles that may have been accidentally lodged in finished garments. It is also necessary to ensure that garments and apparels meant to be sold or exported are devoid of all sort of metal contaminants. Exporting garments embedded with needles or other unwanted metal articles could result in legal actions towards the manufacturing company along with bad publicity and heavy financial losses. Thus, garment companies prefer to invest in metal detecting devices that thoroughly scan garments for needle or metal contamination.

Zippers made of ferrous metal or containing ferrous metal trims can set off detectors, thus slowing down the processing of finished garments and apparels. SBS Zipper has designed specific zippers that can avoid detection by metal or needle detecting devices. Sliders and metallic parts of such zippers are free of ferromagnetism to ensure that the detectors do not set off unnecessarily and slow down the production process of garments and apparels.

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