Test Pieces

Performance testing of metal detection is an essential part of quality management and ensures your production line is compliant. Associations including HACCP, BRC, IFS etc. and other quality management systems requires that the systems which are installed at critical control points are routinely QA tested with the results documented. This is achieved using full calibrated test pieces.

All of ZEGOO's  test pieces are made from the highest quality food grade materials supplied with certification for full traceability. Below is certificate of test piece for Ferrous, Non-Ferrous and Stainless steel.

How do I know what size test pieces to use?

Test piece sizes are can be determined by your customer, a code of practice or based on your own internal processes for the CCP following sensitivity testing on your machine and product. Many factors can affect the desired size including product size & effect (wet/dry etc), aperture size and machine sensitivity.

What types of test pieces are there?

Test pieces come in various types and sizes depending on the application requirement. ZEGOO providse the following types:
Stainless steel, ferrous & non-ferrous test pieces and round blocks, metal balls for metal detection.