Needle detection is an indispensable part to the garment industry. All finished garments should pass through the needle detector before they are placed in cartons and leave the factory. This is particularly important for such garments that are exported to the Japanese, European and American markets.

The detection is performed to identify whether there are any undesirable metallic substances and broken needles left-over or embedded in the garments and accessories in the manufacturing and sewing process, which may cause bodily injury to the consumers, especially children who are not able to protect themselves against the danger.

The main component of a broken sewing needle consists of such magnetic metals as Fe (ferrum), Ni (nickel), Co(cobalt), etc. which are all substances that are susceptible to magnetization.

When there are broken needles left inadvertently in the garments or straying among the seamed, overlapped or thickly folded fabrics, the detector will be set off and sound the alarm.

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