Bakery industry

Bakery encompasses many different flour-based products, which include fresh and frozen bread and rolls, bread, rolls, cookies, pastries, and muffins, are usually prepared from flour or meal derived from some form of grain . It also includes biscuits, crackers, tarts, and fruit pies.
Some challenges found within the bakery field include:

Large amount of processing and production of the food product, which increase the chance of stainless steel contamination caused by processing and packaging machine failure.

Warm and dusty environments and the need for regular cleaning of machines, conveyors and belts.

Integrity of products after baking process (i.e. looking for holes within baked bread) or missing items. (i.e. packets of cookies)

Increase in private label manufacture, requiring food manufacturers to be serving multiple retailers with multiple products.

Why choose ZEGOO?

ZEGOO has a long-standing experience of working with many bakery manufacturers.

ZEGOO has recognized solutions for metal detection,broken needle metal detection, dynamic in-line Checkweighing & weight sorting, and can provide combined Check and Detect solutions, where detection and weighing occur on the same system.

With ZEGOO’s Quality first priority philosophy, equipment is designed to withstand the tough conditions and cleaning found within many factories.

In addition to being used for metal detection within bread, ZEGOO’s weight sorting systems are being used to sort different weight ranges of product , such as fish fillet, shrimp, crab, oyster, dragon fruits,chicken legs and wings, etc. The weight sorting machine can increase the production capacity and low down labor cost which is partially replaced by machine.