Ever since being founded in 1999, ZEGOO INDUSTRIAL has worked well with both food manufacturers and retailers to provide latest practicle technology and solution. As a result, ZEGOO has an outstanding level of experience and profession, in the practice of effective metal detection in the field of food online processing and packaging .

ZEGOO's latest introduction of the ZG-MD series of Metal Detectors is the introduced and amended technology with international top level both in terms of design and programme, and nearly 21years of experience of customer-back innovation. ZEGOO’s engineering teams have worked hard on the Quality first priority philosophy to deliver great metal detection sensitivity and stability in a package that is easy to install; easy to use; easy to clean and maintain; can withstand the arduous factory environments and marvelous production capacity; and finally brings a competitive price of machine purchase.

The ZG-MD series of Metal Detectors include many features designed to aid uptime and productivity, including auto learning and auto phase tracking technoligy that optimize detection levels around a wide range of differing product conditions, and an intuitive touchscreen with icon driven menus allowing easier setting and more friendly operation . They also feature ingress ratings of up to IP66, meaning they are suitable for both high-care and low-care environments in the factories.

Reliable Detection Performance
Optimized detector mechanics, progressive electronics and a better, faster Auto-Learn brings considerable performance gains over prior analog search heads detector. Even in challenging applications, such as a metallic film package,salty and wet product, great sensitivity can be set-up with Auto-Learn and inspected without the need for further setting optimization.

Quality first priority as strict standard
An improved lip and screen, a new sealing arrangement, proven ultra-harsh mechanics and a IP66 rating makes the machine hygienic for food product; easy to clean; and super-tough being able to survive harsh food production environments, whether they are hot, freezing cold, dry, dusty or wet, or one kind which include them all!

Modern and Intuitive
Seven inches color touchscreen for tailor made design offering a better solution, enhanced functionality help deliver a much-improved user experience, helping to minimize user errors and make light work of inspection and weighing.