Upgrade your Detection and Weighing System

Technology and regulations within the product inspection industry are always evolving and machine upgrades provides a viable option to make sure your equipment complies. ZEGOO offer varying mechanical and electrical upgrade options to help suit your needs.

Machine upgrades are carried out on the customer site either inline or offline depending on the upgrade requirement. ZEGOO'S aim is to keep downtime to a minimum and to this extent it maybe that certain upgrades need to be completed out of production hours.

Reasons of machine upgrades :

Regulation changes

With ever changing regulations that are increasingly becoming more stringent it may be necessary to upgrade aspects of your equipment such as failsafe’s or security access.

Technology advancements

If you have had your machine for a while and wish to improve sensitivity or general inspection and weighing quality and efficiency, we have various upgrade paths to the latest technologies. An example of this would be changing the checkweigher machine with higher integration availability. Machine can connect with barcode scanner and ink printer system ,barcode scanner scans carton box code and transfer data to ink printer via checkweigher to print weight date time information on box.

Product changes

An upgrade maybe required due to changes in the product that is being inspected. For example a “new line of products” maybe introduced which require larger apertures or a different type of reject devices. Faster conveing speed products enable machine to change high speed motor and rejection cylinder .