Convenience Food | Food-to-Go industry

The Convenience Food / Food-to-Go sector is  is food that is commercially prepared (often through processing) to optimise ease of consumption which covers a variety of highly processed and prepared foods, whether they are frozen, chilled, baked or unbaked. This includes products such as ready meals or ready-to-eat meals, soups, wraps, pizzas, burritos, pies, salads, sushi, sandwiches and sauces.

Challenges in this field

Some challenges found within this field include:

The metal detector must find anything, anywhere in any product all the time. That can be daunting considering the volume of production from just one line in a day and all the different types of  metal pieces that might be part of your factory or in the ingredients.

Metal detectors use electromagnetic fields to find things that are magnetic and conductive. Most convenience food products are wet, have salt or contain minerals, which when subjected to electromagnetic fields also look magnetic and conductive. Ignoring the product and finding the metal is not as easy as it seems.

Large motors are turning on and off.
Electronics boxes are broadcasting wide spectrums of radiated noise.
Production equipment is vibrating and causing the antenna in the metal detector to move ever so slightly.
Electrical power is surging and dropping.
Temperatures are going from freezing to boiling and back again.

Why choose ZEGOO?

ZEGOO has a well-developed experience of working with many food manufacturers around the world to deliver convenience food to the consumer.

We deliver solutions for metal detection, dynamic in-line Checkweighing,broken needle metal detection, and Weight sorting , including combination systems.

Newly developed ZG-COM-200 designed to cope with the challenges of the Convenience Food / Food-to-Go sector, which include metal detection and checkweighing for value added product processing and packaging line.

Simple Product Learn algorithms in detection equipment that make light work of set-up for different products.