Production and R&D

Our ZEGOO engineers develop machines, equipment,systems, services and processes by drawing on their enthusiasm and expertise. Precise cutting-edge technology that functions reliably. Durable, high-quality machines. Research and development does not happen by chance; rather,they are the result of dedicated work performed with conviction.

We account for global megatrends with the potential to transform society, technology or the use of resources and translate them into profitable solutions for our customers. Given our expertise in a wide variety of industries, we continuously take a close look at what we do to identify room for improvement.

Hallmarks of our approach to production

Flexibility. Your wish is our command: The design of our manufacturing set-up enables us to respond quickly and flexibly to our customers’ wishes. Four out of five systems that leave our plant are either modified to meet specific requests or have been specially engineered.

Expertise.Our systems’ core electronic and mechanical components are supplied by world famous brand which ensure the quality of machine.Our greatest asset is the know-how, experience and commitment of our employees, who we continuously groom through occupational training and professional development.

Efficiency. In order to minimise costs and the use of resources, we never stop optimising our processes. This includes purchasing certain components from partner companies that combine superb quality with cost-efficient production. We have built up our well-functioning supplier network over many years. It enables us to expertly handle peak order periods and ensure short delivery times.